Monday, 26 October 2015

Keep Wires Neat and Tidy for your RC CAR

Taking Care of Wiring to Keep Your RC CAR Running and Looking Good

A good rule of thumb for the wires inside your nitro or electric RC is to keep those wires away from moving parts. They can get tangled up. The plastic coating can get torn or rubbed off. Shorts can occur. You don't want to have to stop -- especially during a race -- to apply electrical tape. For severe breaks you may end up having to do some soldering.
To avoid emergency repairs in the first place, keep your wires away from areas of the RC that can cause damage.
Take the excess wire and bundle it up with twist tires, another piece of wire, or plastic tie straps (zip ties) and secure them somewhere out of the way of moving parts.
Another option to reduce the amount of excess wires is to carefully wrap them around the shaft of a screwdriver or something similar.
This will give you a neat little coiled wire that you can route in such a way as to be away from moving parts. Plus this keeps your RC CARS looking professional. Looking professional is part of the game. There nothing more satisfying than winning first place -- at the races or during a backyard bash with your buddies. Winning first place and looking professional while doing it is even better.

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