Monday, 26 October 2015

Reasons to Keep Broken Radio Controlled Vehicles

An RC Graveyard Can Be a Goldmine. Don't ditch that broken RC. Just because you lost the controller, fried the electronics, or broke the antenna is no reason to dump that RC in the trash. Whether it's a toy or a hobby-grade RC, find out why an RC graveyard is a good thing to have around.

You Can Repair One Broken RC CAR With Parts From Another

You can replace some parts with a similar piece from another RC. Create your own salvage yard for wheels, propellers, working motors, good fuel tubing, screws, body clips, and other bits and pieces that can be transferred to another RC. Don't forget the controllers. Even if the old RC is completely unsalvageable, don't ditch the controller. With RC toys, the controller is often lost and that extra you saved from another toy may just be the right frequency.

You Can Build a New RC CARS From the Parts of Others

You may have two or three or more non-functioning RCs that can be cannabalized and turned into one fully operational RC vehicle. Makes a great parent-child project -- or even a cool science project for school. 

To Save Money

Salvaging parts from old RCs makes economic sense. For repairs due to normal wear and tear, why run to the store for every little screw? Take the parts from your RC salvage yard.

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